'We can dig it!'
Barney's Hole Digging Service has the drill rigs and the experience needed to complete jobs that require drilling for any purpose.

Hole sizes: 12" diameter up to 12' diameter
    Depths down to 100' (before stemming)
Truck-mounted and Track-mounted

• Shoring
• Caissons
• Soil Remediation
• Water Well Conductors
• Oil Well Conductors, rat and mouse holes
• Natural Gas Well Conductors
• Boring and Jacking pits (for micro-tunneling)
• Cess pit removal and installation
• Marine Pilings
• Elevator piston shafts
• Man-Hole columns

* Free project estimates and job-walks

*Please call for more info
   p.  562-595-5224
   f.  562-595-1005