Barney's Hole Digging Service, Inc.

Drilling for over 72 years in Southern California.
"We can Dig It"

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About Us
Barney's Hole Digging Service is a 4th generation family owned and operated business since 1947. We specialize in drilling vertical holes for any and all applications throughout the SoCal region. 
Office hours - for scheduling.
Monday through Friday 5am - 5pm PST.

Crew and drill rigs are available days, nights, weekends, or whenever work needs to be performed.  
Being a team player on your project is our speciality. 70 plus years of drilling experience is at your disposal when you hire Barney's for your jobsite.

We are "team players!"
Our Work
Drilling for all types of Industries:
  • Soil Remediation (Impacted Soil) (HAZ-MAT)
  • Caissons 
  • Shoring
  • Water and Oil Well Conductors 
  • Sign and Lighting Foundations 
  • Cess Pits & Seepage Pits (& removal of)
  • Large Diameter Augering (LDA)